Creating a Vanity URL For Your Facebook Page

29 Sep 2016
Alan Martin

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Facebook allows page owners and Admins to create a shortened version of their URL for marketing and aesthetic purposes.

Unless you were given the option to set up a custom URL when you first created your Facebook business Page (see image below), the URL you are automatically issued with is very long and usually consists of a string of unintelligible numbers as well as the name of your business.

Most page owners decide to have a shortened URL as soon as possible. Having a short URL means that you can comfortably include the full title on marketing collateral such as leaflets, posters, business cards etc, without it looking ridiculous.

In practice however, a lot of businesses just include the Facebook icon on marketing materials but there may be a reason why you would want to include your full address.

A shortened URL also makes it easier for people to find your Page within the search results on Facebook, which is another reason why you should do this straight away.

And finally, a short URL just looks much more professional, particularly where it is pasted into emails and newsletters.

Facebook Vanity URL

If you were not given the option to create a Username when you first created your page, or you’ve had your Facebook page for a while and didn’t realise that you could change your Username, once you reach 25 Likes on your Facebook Page you can change the automatically generated URL into a vanity URL (also known as a Custom Username).

How To Create a Vanity URL

It is easy to do, simply log onto the business page you want to change, then click on your ‘About’ tab and in the ‘General’ section’, click on the ‘Create Page @Username’ hyperlink text, adjacent to the Username field and add the name you want to change your URL to, usually this is going to be the name of your business, then click ‘Create Username’.

If the name you have chosen is available Facebook asks you to confirm that the name is not breaching any legal restrictions. Assuming you are legally entitled to use the name, then that is all there is to it. Easy!!

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Hope this helps, but if you want more tips for establishing a professional presence on Facebook, check out our other blog articles on this topic here.

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