Social Media Coach: How to Choose Wisely

20 Jul 2018
Alan Martin

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social media coach hiring requires a good match

In the last decade, social media platforms have become the hot marketing channels. Businesses of all types are trying to understand how best to make use of them. One way to gain that knowledge is to employ a social media coach.

However, not all coaches are the same. So before you hire, consider the following so you know you’re getting a good match. 

What Are Your Goals?

Before you even start researching potential coaches, you will save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration, by getting really clear on your goals up front.

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve in your own business, will help you zero in on the type of coach you should hire.

Not all coaches are created equal and they will have individual specialisms and unique experiences that you can learn from, but unless you know what you want your business to look like, you could end up working with the wrong coach.

Ask About Results

Once you are clear on your goals, it’s important to make sure your expectations match what your potential coach can deliver. Social media is a wide field and not every coach may offer training in the area for which you need help.

For that reason, make sure you understand what will be covered in any coaching programme you are considering. Ask about the content that will be presented and also the type of results that person has obtained for other clients or in their own business. Do they match what you want to get from a coach? If not, keep looking for another resource.

Check References

No one wants to hire a person only to find out later their background is a sham. To avoid this situation, make sure your potential coach can do what they claim to do. One way to verify this is by asking for references from past clients.

While it might be uncomfortable for some people to ask for references, they are the best way to check the background of a potential coach. Obtaining them should not be a problem, either. In fact, that person should agree to provide them willingly. If that’s not the case, then perhaps you should move on to the next candidate.


Whilst your potential social media coach doesn’t need to be an internet celebrity, they should have a reasonable online presence themselves, which should be apparent when you are doing your research into potential coaches.

One of the things you’ll likely want from your coach is for them to help you increase awareness within your target market, so you would expect them to be visible to their target market also. What do their social media profiles look like? Are regularly active on social media?


How do you want the interaction between you and your coach to take place? Are you looking to meet with someone in person? If so, then make sure you are considering a coach based in your location.

If meeting face-to-face is not a requirement, then hiring a coach from another city, or even another country, is an option. Many social media coaches communicate with their clients via email, text and even Skype.

If this is the type of relationship you will have, you may need to be aware of different time zones. Make sure you communicate with your coach clearly about meeting times in these situations. If you’re planning on a Skype call at 10:00 AM, be sure you both understand the time difference.

Another point to consider is that if your coach is from another country, that person may not be familiar with the laws of yours. Be sure to ask questions of your potential coach so that this doesn’t become an issue later.

The Relationship with Your Social Media Coach

Since you will be working closely with your coach for a period of time, you will get better results if you like and trust that person. The coaching relationship won’t work well if you can’t trust what you’re being told or if your personal style clashes with that of your coach.

Your coach will need to hold you accountable from time to time, as well. For that reason, be sure your relationship is a solid one built on mutual respect.

The Investment

Working with a coach is not free and you certainly need to consider the budget that you can afford to allocate. But you shouldn’t consider the pounds involved as a cost. Rather they are an investment in yourself and your business, which will pay future dividends.   Remember, that lifetime value is much more important than the cost and coaching will deliver a return to you over a long period of time.

Think of the value that your coach can bring to you and focus on the positive outcomes.


Working with a social media coach can enhance your online marketing and move you past your competition. But be sure you are hiring the right person.

A good coach can help you short-cut the learning process and help you reach your end goal much faster than if you were trying to figure things out yourself.   Of course, that’s if you hire the right person, so take care in those initial interviews.

Ask about results, check references and be sure you can build a solid relationship with that person.

If you’d like more information about choosing the right social media coach, call us on 0131 6189898.

Alan Martin is a social media speaker and coach with Chat Marketing.

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