Pinterest: Why It’s Good for Digital Marketing (With a Bonus Guide)

25 Mar 2019
Alan Martin

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Pinterest: Why it is good for digital marketing

Are you using Pinterest to market your company? Many believe the photo sharing site only works well for visually appealing businesses such as home décor, jewellery, clothing or wedding-related products or services.

But the truth is that Pinterest can be your secret weapon. It has a wider appeal than most realise and is a great way to generate traffic and move it back to your website. Below, I explore some of the top reasons why Pinterest should be added to your digital strategy.

Engaged Users

Pinterest users are very active. They tend to engage more than users on other platforms. One of the reasons for this is because humans are visual: We love beautiful photos and images. So if you create good visual content, you have a high likelihood of others re-pinning it. In fact, 80% of all pins are re-pins! So there is a good chance that others will re-pin your content.

As a marketer, that’s what you want. Re-pinning increases visibility and the chances of that the pin going viral. On Pinterest, your chances of that happening are higher. The platform is 80% more viral than Twitter!

SEO and Traffic

Re-pinning also has a positive impact on your website’s search ranking. The Google search algorithm considers them to be backlinks, a major factor in ranking high in online search.

The platform is one of the best in the world for driving traffic, as well. That’s because each image has a URL link associated with it. With just a click, users can land on your website and learn more about your products or services. So posting images of your company’s offerings can bring you website visitors.


Because of its ability to drive traffic, Pinterest can be a great site for online sales. That’s because users tend to do research there. When they find images of interest, they click through to learn more about the product or service they saw in the image.

When they arrive at the target website, Pinterest users become leads and convert to buyers faster than from any other social media site! In fact, the site generates three-times more leads than Twitter.

– Bonus Guide – Optimising Your Pinterest Account

Now that you’ve decided to use Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy, you’ll want to make sure you optimise your account so it attracts traffic. Then you’ll want to be sure you can track that traffic to see if your pins are performing the way you intend them to do so. It starts with having the right kind of account.

Get a Business Account

If you’re linking to products on your website and selling them there, then you need to create a Business Account. Once you create it, be sure to fill out every field. While that sounds obvious, many companies leave out important information. You want to make it is as easy as possible for users who visit your account to contact you.

Add URLs to Your Pins

You have the opportunity to add a URL to every pin you post. Make sure you do because when that’s how you will move traffic back to your website. Be sure the URL is to the correct page on your site, as well.

Optimise Your Pins for SEO

Just as you optimise a website or page to be found by search engines, you can optimise pins for the same reason. In the description of the pin, be sure to include hash tags, long-tail keywords, and backlinks.

Get the Images Right

To catch the eyes of users, your pins must be attractive. Be sure any text you include on them is clear and that the images are sized correctly. The platform suggests using an aspect ration of 2:3 and they should be sized with a width of at least 600 pixels.

Try Rich Pins

These offer more detail than your standard Pin. Rich Pins allow you to add direct links to a product page, or real-time information. If you’ve worked with rich snippets from Google, then you’ll understand this concept. Pinterest has a section that explains how to add them.

Use Pinterest Ads

Want to reach a larger segment of your target audience? Pinterest ads can reach users who are not followers of your boards, but who are searching for similar content. The analytics let you see where your traffic is coming from and where it goes to on your website.


Just as they do in internet search, keywords play a significant role in getting your content found on the platform. Be sure to add relevant keywords in your Bio section and the descriptions of your pins and boards. If possible, include a keyword in your account name, as well.

Wrapping it Up

As of September 2018, Pinterest had 250 million monthly users! It’s users have pinned 175 billion images! With such an active, growing audience, Pinterest is proving to be the platform where brands go to be seen.

If you would like more information about Pinterest, call Chat Marketing on 0131 6189898.


Alan Martin is a social media speaker and coach with Chat Marketing.

Having worked with clients from various industries, we’ve learned that sometimes you need to think outside of the box to find the most effective traffic generating strategies.


Do you want to find out how we can help you use Pinterest to market your business? Contact us here to arrange a chat (no pun intended!!).

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