Explaining The Triple Win

6 May 2019
Alan Martin

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Explaining the Triple Win business strategy

A sale is an exchange of value from one person (or entity) to another.

The buyer gets a solution to a problem they face, through purchasing a product or service, and the seller receives funds that allows their business to continue to grow and generates a profit for the business owner.

This can be described as a Win-Win situation for both the buyer and seller, which is all well and good, but what if it were possible to build a business that creates an even greater economic and societal impact through the value of a sale?



In short, a business that is not only profitable, but one that makes a valuable contribution to our community!

How is that possible?

What might that look like?

The article below explores a business model that Sam Forsberg and I are calling the ‘triple win’.

The Triple Win

Win No. 1 – We benefit young people in Fife by funding paid internships through donating 10% of revenues to our charity Partner Career Ready (if we hit our targets)

Win No. 2 – We benefit local small businesses by providing high quality training to 400 business owners in Fife

Win No. 3 – We benefit the local economy by spending money with Fife Chamber of Commerce members, such as venues for our events. Business owners who undertake our training will also be spending money in the local economy, as their earnings increase.

Partnering with the right charity is the most crucial step in the whole process. In our case, we’ve chosen Career Ready, as our 2019 charity partner. Not only must the charity fit with our core values and mission, but they must also be able to promote the work that we are doing to their stakeholders.

Career Ready provide young people aged 14-18 with mentors, internships, masterclasses, and employer-led activities that prepare them for the world of work.

Business Mastery Workshops

The product that we created to trial the ‘Triple Win’ concept was called ‘The Triple Win Workshop Series’.

When someone purchases a place on one of our Business Mastery workshops, not only do we generate a sale, as in the more traditional business model, but the investment also strengthens the local economy by promoting spending in the area, improves the business skills and performance of small businesses making them more successful, and improves the readiness and impact that young people can have within the workforce.

The Business Mastery workshops comprise – Marketing Mastery, Money Mastery and Mindset Mastery.

There are three things that are vital to the sustainable growth of a business – effective marketing, managing your money (and metrics), and mastering your mindset – which is why these 3 workshops below form our Business Mastery Series.

Workshops can be purchased individually or as part of a Triple-Win package.

If you’d like to learn more about the Business Mastery workshops, click here! If you’d like to find out more about ‘The Triple Win’ strategy, click here to send us a message.


Alan Martin is a social media speaker and coach with Chat Marketing. His expertise come from over 16 years in marketing, helping business owners and marketers understand how to use social media and email marketing to win more business and become more profitable.

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