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  • "When it comes to social media Alan is extremely knowledgeable, easy to get on with and it was a pleasure to work with him. He is one of life’s good guys. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He listens to your social media challenges and gives you strategies and tools that work."
    Maureen Sharphouse
    Coach, Speaker, Mentor
  • “Chat Marketing have helped steer us through the bewildering array of Social Networking opportunities and have shown us how to get the most out of this medium from a business point of view. Alan is easy to work with, a good listener who delivers excellent results.”
    David Adams
    Adams Law
  • “I've just attended Chat Marketing's "Twitter4Business" workshop this morning. What an excellent and informative event. I would highly recommend Alan and Chat Marketing to any business looking to get started in the bewildering world of social media. Many thanks Alan.”
    Andy Perkins
    F8 Venues
  • Defining the target audience for Facebook ads with Bonus How-to blog post

    Target Audiences: Defining Them for Facebook Ads (Bonus: How-to)

    Identifying your target audience accurately when working with Facebook ads is key to having success with this marketing practice.

    5 Feb 2019
    Alan Martin
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  • social media coach hiring requires a good match

    Social Media Coach: How to Choose Wisely

    In the last decade, social media platforms have become the hot marketing channels. Businesses of all types are trying to understand how best to make use of them. One way to gain that knowledge is to employ a social media coach. However, not all coaches are the same. So before you hire, consider the following…

    20 Jul 2018
    Bob Turner
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  • How To Like a Facebook Page From Your Business Page

    Do you want to know how to like a Facebook Page from your business Page? How about commenting on other Page’s posts as your business? Before I explain how you do both of these things, I’ll explain why you might want to do them in the first place! Social media is all about building relationships and engagement and……

    4 May 2017
    Alan Martin
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  • Is ConvertKit Right For Your Business?

    Are you looking for an email marketing system that puts the power back into your hands? What about an affordable solution that is flexible enough to grow with your business? Hopefully you already realise the crucial part that email marketing plays in your social selling funnel, but central to ensuring all the moving parts fit seamlessly together…

    20 Apr 2017
    Alan Martin
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  • Weatherproofing Your Business

    With forecasters predicting a return to freezing temperatures and snow showers, now is the perfect time to be asking “Is your business weatherproof?”  With further snowfalls and icy roads ahead, could you still carry out your work as normal or would your business grind to a halt? This can have disastrous consequences if you work for yourself. If…

    7 Feb 2017
    Alan Martin
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  • Top Business Reads of 2016

    Those of you who know me, know that I am a self confessed book geek! I love learning new things and trying to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be, and one of the ways I like to do that is by reading or listening to audio books whenever I get the opportunity. Over…

    6 Jan 2017
    Alan Martin
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  • Infusionsoft vs ConvertKit: Why We Switched

    In November we took the fairly major decision to change our email marketing service provider from Infusionsoft to a new platform called ConvertKit. If you’ve been on the Chat Marketing email list for more than a couple of months, you may have noticed a change in recent weeks in the way our emails look. The reason for this is because we are…

    22 Dec 2016
    Alan Martin
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  • Improve Your Business By Understanding Your Customers

    I don’t know why it took me so long to survey my past clients, but when I recently sent a short questionnaire to my customers I learned a ton of useful information that is already helping me improve my marketing, and will continue to shape my communications in the future. What prompted me to do this exercise was two…

    13 Dec 2016
    Alan Martin
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  • How To Keep Up-To-Date With Social Media

    Want to know what’s working right now on social media? Do you feel you are constantly behind the curve and playing catch-up with the latest advice from industry experts? Social media changes fast and tactics and strategies that worked well in the past are often no longer effective. Platforms change at an alarming rate, and consumer…

    24 Nov 2016
    Alan Martin
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  • Return on Trust is the new Return on Investment

    Want to increase your sales? Of course you do, right? You are in business after all! One of the reasons I think that business owners don’t sell more is because they don’t understand the concept of Return on Trust (ROT) and how it relates to the strength of the relationships that they have with the person that they…

    3 Nov 2016
    Alan Martin
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