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  • "When it comes to social media Alan is extremely knowledgeable, easy to get on with and it was a pleasure to work with him. He is one of life’s good guys. Nothing is too much trouble for him. He listens to your social media challenges and gives you strategies and tools that work."
    Maureen Sharphouse
    Coach, Speaker, Mentor
  • “Chat Marketing have helped steer us through the bewildering array of Social Networking opportunities and have shown us how to get the most out of this medium from a business point of view. Alan is easy to work with, a good listener who delivers excellent results.”
    David Adams
    Adams Law
  • “I've just attended Chat Marketing's "Twitter4Business" workshop this morning. What an excellent and informative event. I would highly recommend Alan and Chat Marketing to any business looking to get started in the bewildering world of social media. Many thanks Alan.”
    Andy Perkins
    F8 Venues

Category: Business

  • social media coach hiring requires a good match

    Social Media Coach: How to Choose Wisely

    In the last decade, social media platforms have become the hot marketing channels. Businesses of all types are trying to understand how best to make use of them. One way to gain that knowledge is to employ a social media coach. However, not all coaches are the same. So before you hire, consider the following…

    20 Jul 2018
    Alan Martin
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  • Improve Your Business By Understanding Your Customers

    I don’t know why it took me so long to survey my past clients, but when I recently sent a short questionnaire to my customers I learned a ton of useful information that is already helping me improve my marketing, and will continue to shape my communications in the future. What prompted me to do this exercise was two…

    13 Dec 2016
    Alan Martin
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  • Everyone is Not Your Customer

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your business is to assume that everyone is your customer. As Virginia Muzquiz so aptly put it, “If you market to everyone as a prospect, you’ll get no one as a client“. The first thing you need to do is get really clear on who your…

    28 Sep 2016
    Alan Martin
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  • What Running Has Taught Me About Business

    Today I wanted to talk about something crucial to the success of your business, and that is ‘Mindset’. I am going to explore this topic through my experience with running and what it has taught me about this most fundamental of business skills. Why Running? Well, why not? Actually, I’m not a big fan of running if the…

    7 Aug 2016
    Alan Martin
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