How To Get More Twitter Followers

11 Oct 2016
Alan Martin

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Do you want more Twitter followers?

Not sure how to attract the right people?

In this article I’ll introduce you to a couple of ninja tools that will help you explode your followers on Twitter, but before I do that I need to point out a couple of things.

First of all, although the topic of this article is about growing your Twitter followers, you need to know that it’s not all about the numbers!

Yes it is good to have a large following on Twitter, but if they are not your target market, it is just a vanity metric and will be unlikely to contribute to the success of your business. What I am about to share with you will help you attract a large and relevant following.

Secondly, you also need to be mindful of your ‘Following’ to ‘Follower’ ratio. Ideally, when you are not in growth mode you should make sure that you have more people that are following you, rather than the other way about.

It’s a measure of credibility! However, given that the easiest way to get more followers is to follow more people yourself, my second tool will help you keep this in the right proportion.

Step 1 – Find the right audience

As I’ve mentioned already, it needs to be the right audience you are attracting, so how do you find your tribe? Well, what I do is look for complimentary businesses on Twitter that are likely to share the same customers that I work with, but are not competitors to my business.

For example a local accountancy firm or graphic designer would be a good fit for my business. They don’t offer social media coaching services, but they do work with clients that have businesses in the local area, which could be a good fit for me.

Once you have drawn up your short list of Twitter accounts, you are ready for Step 2

Step 2 – Install ‘Twitter Follower’ Browser Extension

Twitter Follower is a Chrome Browser Extension. You can get it by opening up Google Chrome and searching for “Twitter Follower Chrome extension” or if Chrome is your default web browser, you can click here to access it.

Once you have successfully installed ‘Twitter Follower’ you will see the little blue Twitter icon on the top right of your Tool Bar.

Step 3 – Copy Twitter Followers

Next you will want to go to Twitter and search for the first twitter account in your list from Step 1. Click on the link that shows you their followers (there is a hyperlink with the number of followers, just below their banner image).

Once you are on the page listing all their followers, you will see two options that appear at the top right of the screen – “Follow them All” and “Unfollow All”.

The browser extension will now automatically follow their followers. You may have to repeat this process again, if Twitter doesn’t let you follow many people at the one time. This is influenced by your ‘Follow’, ‘Following’ ratio. If you are finding that this is an issue for you, skip to the next section and come back to this once you have improved your ratio.

The idea here is that if you follow your ideal audience, you can expect a certain percentage (in my experience it is around 30 – 40%) to reciprocate by following you back.

The only disadvantage to using this auto-follow system is that you can’t pick and choose who you want to follow. If you want to be more selective in your approach, the next tool I’m going to tell you about also allows you to copy followers, but you have the ability to select individual accounts, rather than copy everyone.

Follower Ratios

As I mentioned above, the number of people you can follow at any one time is influenced by your ‘Follower’ to ‘Following’ ratio. The larger the gap between the number of people you are following and the number of people that are following you, the more people you will be allowed to follow.

Apart from that, you want more followers than people following you, as this gives your account more credibility, which in turn means that you will attract more followers. It is a virtuous circle!

But first, you need to make sure that you have optimized your Twitter ratio as much as possible. That means getting rid of inactive followers, fake followers, those that don’t have a profile image etc. Now if you were to do this manually, it would be such a time-consuming job that you would likely lose will to live, before you got round to doing it. Fortunately that’s not you, because you know about ‘Statusbrew‘.


So just to take things full circle for you! You can use either ‘Twitter Follower’ or ‘Statusbrew‘ to copy followers strategically. What then happens though is that you end up being top-heavy, following more people than you have followers, so you will need to use a tool like ‘Statusbrew’ to ‘balance the books’. The free version of ‘Statusbrew’ limits the number of people you can follow/unfollow at any one time, but their paid plan is fairly inexpensive if you find this tool useful.

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